The Cabrini Mission Foundation has a long history of working with migrants and displaced people.

Responding to the Gospel call for justice and love, honoring the Catholic Social Teachings on the dignity of all persons, and continuing the legacy of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Patroness of Immigrants, the Cabrini Mission Foundation is committed to:

  • WELCOME as brothers and sisters all immigrants to the lands in which we are missioned.
  • SUPPORT the rights of all persons to flee political, religious, or economic persecution; and support the basic human rights and dignity of all persons regarding: food, shelter, health care, employment at just wages, religious freedom and also honoring their customs and traditions.
  • EDUCATE others and ourselves about the needs of immigrants.
  • RE-EXAMINE political laws and regulations in the light of these justice issues and to work to change those that do not meet human needs.
  • WORK in solidarity with immigrants and with others who share our values and beliefs to promote justice and compassion for all immigrants.

Led by Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia, MSC the Cabrini Mission Foundation has made two trips to the State of Texas at the United States and Mexican border. These visits gave us the opportunity to create partnerships and launch new programmatic initiatives.  Despite not having a physical presence at the border.   The Cabrini Mission Foundation has maintained a proactive approach to the border crisis throughout the pandemic.

While political realities change, the truth remains.  Displaced people, who have fled their home due to conflict, crime, persecution, poverty or simply in hope of a fresh start and better life are often preyed upon, during their arduous journey. 

The Cabrini Mission Foundation in partnership with Angry Tias & Abuelas of the Rio Grande Valley, Pastor Abraham Barberi of One Mission Ministries as well as Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley is sponsoring the opening of a new shelter for asylum seekers in Matamoros, Mexico.

This is the third shelter at the border the Cabrini Mission Foundation has partnered with.  Thanks to our generous donors we are grateful to be able to provide a safe environment, warm meals, clean water, a roof over their heads to protect them from the weather and a clean bed to sleep.

The shelter is housing over 100 people as they await entry to the United States. 

To date, the Cabrini Mission Foundation has provided funds for the building of a well, bunk beds, Covid-19 protective items such as face masks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. We have also provided requested clothing items such as socks and underwear, in addition to disposable paper products; plates, napkins, cups and towels.

As shelter needs grow, we are now looking into the purchase of a commercial refrigerator and freezer.

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