On Friday, December 1st we had busy day at CIS-NYC. In the morning, we collaborated with volunteers at Kearney (a global management consulting firm) to host a career development workshop for some of our Angel Fund Scholarship recipients and other young clients. The group learned about career planning, how to build a resume, and how to prepare for an interview. They were able to engage with and learn from an inspiring group of professionals from Kearney. Our students left motivated to pursue their dream careers! On Friday we also hosted a legal clinic in collaboration with Saint Michael’s Church in Brooklyn. At the clinic we were able to assist 17 individuals with applying for Temporary Protected Status, a program which allows migrants whose home countries are considered unsafe the right to live and work in the United States for a temporary, but extendable, period of time. In recent months, our legal team has been working hard to ensure all of our clients who are eligible for this status are able to apply.

On December 5th, members of Justice for Immigrants at CIS-NYC marched in solidarity to City Hall alongside various organizations, advocating for New York’s right to shelter law. Our members shared their experiences and perspectives with a PBS reporter. It was a powerful display of unity and advocacy, and a collective voice demanding justice and shelter for all in our community. If you would like to join us in defending New York’s Right to Shelter policy, you can sign this petition: https://p2a.co/axh2luo

Thanks to Ella Nimmo, Director of Community Programs & Development

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