In preparation for tomorrow’s World Education Day, let’s discover together some activities related to schools of various levels in the Guadalupe province and in the province of Saint Francisca Cabrini.
“Education of the heart” of which Mother Cabrini speaks in so many of her writings means love and also awareness of what is happening around us. In fact, next February 8 marks the eighth World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Trafficking in Persons, which has as its theme “The Power of Care – Women, the Economy and Trafficking in Persons.” Let’s take a look at what the kids at Cabrini High School in New Orleans, USA, are preparing.

Awareness and Advocacy re: Human Trafficking

Cabrini High School in New Orleans spent the week of Jan. 10-14 highlighting National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In solidarity with Mother Cabrini’s Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, each day began with prayers for an end to this sinful tragedy. Each day highlighted facts about human trafficking and how we can support and combat it. The week culminated in a day of dressing, where students raised money for the anti-trafficking efforts of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and the Cabrini Mission Foundation.

~ submitted by Madeline LeBlanc, Cabrini High School

Here are the posts from the week just gone about the children’s activities at the Colegio Boni Consilii school in São Paulo, Brazil.

Monday 17-01-2022 “Decalcomania and the art with leaves

The second week of camp began with much joy, animation and creativity. Art is present in all moments and environments of our school. During the walk in the garden, the children collected leaves and then used the technique of decalcomania, which gave them the opportunity to explore, in this way, the texture of the leaves, as well as to develop creativity and fine motor skills using brushes and paint. It was beautiful!
In the sports field, the children took the opportunity to play “bulldog”, a fun variation of tag. It was a very relaxing time and had the children releasing energy in a healthy and enjoyable way.

On 18-01-2022 Ice painting“.
Today the children had a very nice experience: painting on ice. They were amazed, because they discovered sensations such as temperature and texture.
Between discoveries, admiration and curiosity, they had the opportunity to see the ice melt and the colors of the paint mix. A wonderful experience that gave the children a rich tactile and visual experience.
An unforgettable learning experience!

On 19-01-2022, “Colorful Mode“.
In today’s activity, the children went on a beautiful journey full of color and love.
They experienced moments of great meaning, lightness and hope.

On 20-01-2022, “Mirror drawing“.
The children were very involved in the mirror design activity. They understood the proposal well and were very resourceful in carrying out the challenge.
It was really nice to see how involved the children were and how attentive they were to their drawings!

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