Day Two  – Heart of Jesus: Source of Living Water

I will turn into a spring inside them,
welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

Cabrinian Psalm Prayer:

Oh Jesus, what are you like? If only everyone would know you!
If you would reveal your secrets, they would fly to you in a flash!
My Jesus, I entrust myself to you, to your wondrous love and goodness.
I am the fountain, you are the stream.
Run to every region that I point out to you
so that my saving waters will work marvels on souls.
You have only to stay connected to the fountain.
My saving waters run in all seasons.
Fear nothing; help will fail only when my power fails.
All I ask of you is that you be strong in faith.
Leave the rest to me. Love me always in the simplicity of your heart,
and your stream will flow abundantly with living, crystal-pure water.
Separate yourself even briefly from the source and your stream will dry up.
Glory be…

Francesca Cabrini, Journal of a Trusting Heart

Scripture Reading: John 4: 10, 13-14

Called to be Water:
How are we called to be water for others, to give others to drink? Are we called to be bucket, or path to the well, or the well itself? Are we called to help others discover their own bucket or well – to find or perhaps clear away paths to the well that may have become overgrown and hidden- to open wells that once were flowing, but have become clogged, polluted, stagnant, or just plain lost? If I have been given to drink, I cannot hoard this for myself; I must share my source of vitality and lead others to the same fountain of water. Who? Where? How?


Wash. Yes-cleanse, flood, rinse, scour, soak, bathe me, in that pool, pond fountain, ocean, of your life.
(Wendy Wright, Sacred Heart: Gateway to God,  p.59)


Heart of Jesus, Jesus, our Advocate, our Counselor, only-begotten Son of God, give the abundance of your life to all who seek you with a sincere heart. In you is the hope of the future. Direct us to the Water of Life that our thirst may be satisfied and “like the deer that yearns for running water”, may we always find in you the life-giving stream that refreshes, our yearning soul. AMEN

Thanks to Guadalupe Province Newsletter for this Novena

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