Day Three – Heart of Jesus: Bread of Life

I am the living bread
which has come down from heaven,
so that we may eat it and not die.
John 6:51

Psalm Prayer: Canticle: (Wisdom 16:20-21, 24-26)

How different you are with your people!
You give them the food of angels,
Untiringly send them bread already prepared from heaven,
Bread containing every delight, satisfying every taste.
And the substance you gave demonstrated your sweetness towards your children
For conforming to the taste of who ate it, it transformed itself into what each eater wished.

Scripture Reading: John 6:35, 37-40, 48-51

Called to be Bread:
As a follower of Jesus, who gave himself to be consumed as bread, I also am called to take the little I may have, give thanks for it, break it and distribute it. Who is Jesus calling me to feed right now? Is he calling me to feed someone with spiritual bread or with physical bread—what does the person need? What is the resource, the time, talent, or energy I have that he wishes me to put at the disposition of others? What is the community, the crowd, the person who has “nothing to eat, who is collapsing on the way, having come a great distance? (Mk. 8:3)”
How, when can I do this? Why do I keep putting it off?


How am I being called to partake of the abundance of God?
You are sitting at a banquet table –let yourself feast!
Move from monitoring, watching, waiting.
Be nourished, so that you can give nourishment to others.


Heart of Jesus, fount of unity and peace, strengthen communion in your Church. Allow us to be your body to the World. We taste and see your goodness for you have given us your very flesh and blood which nourishes and strengthens us. Our spirits are dry and parched and you say, “Come to the table I have set before you” the wine of your blood quenches our thirst and refreshes our spirits. The flesh of your body replenishes our strength and fills us to overflowing with your Spirit of truth. We give thanks and we bless you. AMEN

Thanks to Guadalupe Newsletter for this Novena

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