Day Four – Heart of Jesus, Light of the World

I am the light of the world;
whoever follows me will not
walk in darkness.
John 8:12

Cabrinian Psalm Prayer:

The uncreated light of Jesus penetrates our souls
in the measure we are disposed to humility and charity.
We find ourselves before this divine light
in wonder and loving admiration, in peace and serenity,
wanting nothing but to please Jesus more and more.
We unite ourselves lovingly to this divine sun,
living in the world and relating to it,
for the glory of God and the good of souls,
ever seeking new means to accomplish this,
keeping our lives hidden in the Heart of Jesus.
like the life-giving sun, guides us along paths of justice and holiness.
He becomes our teacher, accompanying us along the way.
His loving light shines on us and restores us.
Having once seen this gentle light of the Heart of Jesus,
we can never be separated from his actions and inspirations.We feel drawn to the Sun and united with him. Let us seek Jesus;
when we find him, we shall find life, the sun, the sky!
Glory be…
Francesca Cabrini, Travels, October, 1895Scripture Reading: John 8: 12; 12: 35-36, 46

Called to be Light:
I am called to be light for others; therefore, how great is my responsibility to walk in the light myself. How hard this can be—how comfortable it is at times to stay in the dark, how convenient, less stressful. Light is not always a comfort—sometimes it is shocking, revealing what I would rather hide from, rather not know, rather not do. But how could I ever presume to be light to others, unless I remained consistently in the search light of God’s penetrating gaze myself? Lord, increase my desire to walk in the light. And what is it you want me to see – in myself – in others – in the place I work? How am I called to be a beam of light, a little candle for another?Ponderings:We must have the courage to acknowledge the darkness existence not only in the world but in ourselves. Admitting this, we come to see how Jesus is the light that walks in the night of our sin and turns the night into day.
Joseph Nassal: The Conspiracy Of Compassion. Forrest of Peace, Leavenworth, KS 1997


Heart of Jesus, radiate your light into our lives that we might become a light for others. Flame of God’s unwavering promises, redeem us, forgive us, save us, that we might bring the Good News to others. Christ of history, fulfillment of our time, enlighten our hearts and souls that we might pulse with God’s love. Enlighten our imagination that your kingdom might shine through us. AMEN

Thanks to Guadalupe Province Newsletter for this Novena

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