Day Seven – Heart of Jesus: The True Vine

I am the Vine,
you are the branches.
John15: 5

Cabrinian Psalm Prayer:
For a year now, I’ve been watching a grapevine .
Every time I see it, it moves me again to meditate how it represents our life.
I saw it last autumn, expertly pruned by the gardener and buried under the ground.
In the spring I saw it sprout once more, but again it was pruned:
The vine wept, but in its weeping, it was made more beautiful again.
It grew to a good height, always supported by a sturdy tree trunk.
Lovely bunches of grapes appeared, shades of violet, red and green.
After the harvest, the top of the vine once more bent to the earth.
It seemed to be expecting the gardener who would once more prune
so that it could rise again next spring.
This vine is a living example of us and has much to teach us.
The pruned and buried vine teaches us that internal and external discipline must always accompany us so that we may rise in an eternal springtime, rejoicing to imitate Jesus.
The budding of the vine indicates the eagerness with which we must grow in holiness and walk unceasingly to the mountain of the Lord.
The vine growing to new heights, shows us how we must energetically pursue a good and holy life, one that is always pleasing to God,
Glory be…
Francesca Cabrini, New Year’s Letter of 1893

Scripture Reading: John 15: 1-8

Called to Bear Fruit:

Are my achievements the ones Jesus desires of me? Or am I so busy cultivating the fruit that I desire for myself that I never consider other possibilities? What fruit does God expect of me in my community or home, in my work, in my parish or other organization? What pruning am I aware of in my life? Do I cooperate or rebel? Am I so busy protecting myself that I fail to harvest the very fruits the Lord is asking of me?


How am I being called? What fruits does the tree of my life produce?


Heart of Jesus, fruit of the Spirit, giver of all good gifts, as you prune away all that is not healthy, not good in my life, give to me your heart so that I may act just, be compassionate, and follow you more wisely, so that I may serve you in love and in justice. AMEN

Thanks to Guadalupe Province Newsletter for this Novena

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