This Wednesday, July 6, we had reflections and discussions about Co-responsibility for Mission, again with the facilitation of consultant, Chris Lowney. He guided us in individual and collective activities, so that we would think about leadership, examples of good leaders and characteristics of good leadership. The aim was to help us recognize ourselves as leaders, willing to always think about the whole group, to indicate the path we must follow, and to encourage the emergence of new leaders.

Chris reminded us of the call of Pope Benedict XVI, who emphasized that the Laity must be co-responsible for the well being and mission of the Church; they are more than collaborators. Hence, the need to appropriate for themselves the Cabrinian charism and spirituality, so that they are deeply connected with the mission.

These activities led us to conclude that we need to continue to grow in trust between sisters and lay people. A deep spiritual formation is needed for our committed laity, to ensure that the Cabrinian culture takes root. It is important that the laity have the training and information needed to truly contribute to mission, and that their potentialities and capacities are valued.

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