It seems like only yesterday that we ended the school year and we are already facing a new year full of challenges.

In early September our sisters, teachers and non-teaching staff worked hard to get the school ready to welcome those little ones who arrive with their backpacks loaded not only with new books and school supplies but also with EXPECTATIONS. The kind of expectations that you have only as a child when you are doing something new for the first time. Our children have encountered some new things in the school such as the fabulous restoration of the chapel or the improvements in the teachers’ room that will allow us to work with more coordination. We also have new teachers and some old ones who have returned with new ideas and fresh energy and that will help us make our educational project even better. We hope that the children continue to hold their same EXPECTATIONS amidst all those changes and continued pedagogical improvements that we make for them to raise the quality of their education even higher.

We must not forget, however, that the most important thing for them is what goes beyond those physical and tangible changes that they find. The essential thing is that when the doors of our school open, the children find in us and in their classmates the seed of our Cabrinian charisma, in every good morning, in those first meetings between classmates, in that gesture of friendship,

in that gesture of welcome and affection … since it is only here that their desire is kindled to return to the school that is their home and to those great EXPECTATIONS of learning.

All of us who are part of this mission hope to continue faithfully in the task that Mother Cabrini entrusted to us, her ¨education of the heart¨ since only by following in her footsteps and acting from the heart will we be able to transmit those EXPECTATIONS to our children and to ourselves, in the knowledge that one can only give what one is – and that is, and will always be – our mission.

Happy start to the school year, Cabrinian family!

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