Mother Cabrini the Angel of Migrants in the works of the artist Meo Carbone
Press Room of Montecitorio – March 8, 2022 at 12,00

On March 8, a press conference entitled “Mother Cabrini the angel of migrants in the works of Meo Carbone” will be held in the Press Room of Montecitorio at 12 noon.
Among the various speeches there will be one by the General Councilor Sister Stella Maris and a Skype connection from the Birthplace of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano.
To follow the live broadcast here is the link:

On March 8, at the Chamber, the memory of an extraordinary woman, Mother Francesca Cabrini, will be held.
A reflection on the missionary ‘Angel of the migrants

by Goffredo Palmerini – People of Italy

On March 8, 2022 at 12 noon, at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies (Montecitorio, via della Missione 4), a reflection will be held with many voices on the figure and the work of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini (Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano, July 15, 1850 – Chicago, December 22, 1917), missionary ‘Angel of Migrants’, in the works of the artist Meo Carbone. Institutional figures and scholars will be present at the event to give their contributions, either in person or via remote connection: Hon. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald (Member of Parliament elected in North and Central America), Sister Barbara Staley Msc (Superior General Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart), Mons. Giancarlo Perego (President of Migrantes Foundation and Archbishop of Ferrara), Meo Carbone (Artist), Dominic Candeloro (Professor emeritus University of Chicago, historian of Italian Emigration), Claudio Crescentini (Professor and historian of art), Fabio Capocaccia (President of CISEI of Genoa), Goffredo Palmerini (Journalist and writer), moderator Gianni Lattanzio (President of Confassociazioni International). In connection via Skype also the Birthplace of Mother Cabrini. WebTV. Art is a medium of extraordinary appeal to bring people closer to the theme of migration and Italian emigration in particular. The artist Meo Carbone has been recounting it for three decades through painting and sculpture, as he did in 2021 with the exhibition ‘Mother Cabrini, the Angel of Migrants’. , dedicated to Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini , exhibited in Codogno and then in Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano , after the previous exhibitions dedicated to her in 2016 and 2017 in Rome , Genoa , Milan and Chicago . Soon in project is also an exhibition in New York. Significant the ‘work of’ artist in ‘illuminate the’ Italian Emigration with numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad and associated cultural events. The Italian Emigration, the largest diaspora in the history of mankind, is a phenomenon that has affected nearly 30 million Italians in a little over a century, yet relegated to the margins of our national history. The army of arms that departed from Italy towards the lands of emigration found itself having to face unimaginable and dramatic human events, to fight every day against suspicion and prejudice, to often suffer oppression of all kinds, to have to deal in tough competition with unknown social systems and working conditions equally precarious. Today, the glorious part of this history is known – but not even that deeply: the successes and prestige that the Italians of the generations following the first emigration, 80 million oriundi in the world, have conquered in all fields during this true epic. Religious men and women have also played an important role in the history of our emigration. It is enough to think of Monsignor Scalabrini, Monsignor Bonomelli and Mother Frances Cabrini, who became the first Saint in the United States. The last of eleven children, an elementary school teacher, Francesca Cabrini matured her religious vocation and in 1880 founded the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. She would have liked to go to China, but Leo XIII sent her to the United States to assist Italian immigrants. Extraordinary woman and evangelizer, from the Atlantic coast she penetrated the interior of the North American continent and then descended into Latin America, founding about eighty institutes, schools, orphanages, hospitals. Great was her work in the United States (New York, Chicago, New Orleans and other cities) where in 1909 she became an American citizen. Wherever she could arrive, her work of assistance to immigrants and their families, to the poor and to the last arrived. Mother Frances Cabrini worked all her life to promote the integration of emigrants into American society, making them good citizens and strengthening their Italian identity and Catholic faith. She died on December 22, 1917 in Chicago. On July 7, 1946 she was declared a saint by Pius XII and in 1950 she was proclaimed ‘Patroness of all Emigrants’. Her genial and courageous work made her esteemed even in anticlerical and not benevolent environments towards Italians and her contribution to change the idea about our compatriots and their value was relevant. An extraordinary woman, for tenacity, talent and courage, a significant figure in witnessing with her own life, in times and roles not easy. Remembering her on the 8th of March, with an event at the Chamber of Deputies, means worthily celebrating the value of women and how much the female gender has given and gives every day for the construction of a better world. Goffredo Palmerini.


Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald – Member of Parliament elected in North and Central America
Sister Stella Maris Elena Msc, General Councilor – Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Don Marco Bottoni – Director Migrantes of Lodi
Meo Carbone – Artist
Dominic Candeloro – Professor emeritus – historian of Italian Emigration in Chicago
Claudio Crescentini – Professor – art historian
Fabio Capocaccia – Engineer – President of CISEI from Genoa
Lina Lo Giudice Sergi – Sociologist former Director General MIUR
Goffredo Palmerini – Journalist and writer
Moderator: Gianni Lattanzio – President Confassociazioni International

Skype connection with Mother Cabrini’s Birthplace
Press Conferences – WebTV –

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