Brazil – On July 13, Sr. Shitaye, a Junior MSC, embarked on a new mission to Brazil, where she will be ministering for the next 6 months up in the N.E. Region with Srs. Francisca and Rosa Maria. Prior to her departure, she had visited her family, and on return to Addis Ababa, her community in Addis Ababa prepared a Missioning Prayer Service and lovely dinner & cake to celebrate with her as she prepared for her departure to Brazil.

Above: Sr. Shitaye cutting her cake celebrating her new mission.

Argentina – On July 23, Sr. Meseret, another Junior sister, also embarked on a new mission to Villa Amelia, in Argentina for the next 6 months. She too, after visiting her family, came to Addis Ababa and was farewelled with a Missioning Prayer Service and a special dinner which was shared with the Sisters and Candidates who were in Addis Ababa for a course.

Sr. Meseret receiving a blessing for her mission on her arrival at the MSC Community in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Let us remember both Sr. Shitaye & Sr. Meseret in our prayers, as they adapt to a new environment, meet new people and learn a new language! Coraggio! !Coraje! Coragem! Courage! More photos will be in the next edition of the newsletter!

Thanks to Holy Spirit Region Newsletter for these news!

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