Last Friday, 11 June, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was celebrated in different parts of the world.
The Sacred Heart at the centre of our mission continues to flood with its love so many realities that remember it with joy. On this solemn day the sisters renew their vows.
Between celebrations and festivities we want to share with you how we spent this important and special day.

O Saint Frances Xavier, you who placed all your trust in the Heart of Jesus, and in Him you found the secret of all perfection and the strength that made you an apostle of the Gospel in the world, look kindly on me from the glory of Heaven as I confidently turn to your intercession.
Thou who hast soothed with a mother’s heart the spiritual and temporal hardships of so many of our brothers and sisters in exile throughout the world, show favour to me too, a pilgrim on the paths of life, and from the sweetest Heart of Jesus, obtain for me all the spiritual graces I need to reach my homeland in Heaven.
Hear, O Saint Frances Xavier, my trusting prayer, give me the grace that is so dear to my heart and make me join that crowd of souls who, through your intercession, gratefully praise God. Amen.

Mater Gratiae Province: Codogno

Santa Francisca Cabrini Province: Parroquia Sagrado Corazon, Community in Brazil and zoom meeting for Santa Francisca Cabrini province

Guadalupe province: Cabrini Shrine of NYC, Cabrini Westchester, Cabrini University

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