The first day of the Second International Economic and Financial Meeting was held this morning at Casa Cabrini at Via Sicilia in Rome. After the presentation of the participants we had in Zoom connection Professor Luigino Bruni who gave a talk on the economic dimension in communities. The finance meetings will end on Saturday morning.

On the previous days, May 7 and 8, the EWC met instead.

One must first understand the new context in which the Institute finds itself, invest in the future, and consider the Congregation as a polyhedron in which to enhance the gifts of each person.
The charism must be considered as a seed and is greater than consecrated life.
It is important to find a custom-designed dress for the congregational reality, always considering the vocational dimension as communal and not individual.
Some community care is also needed, always keeping in mind that a community dimension must be maintained even in old age. The meaning of fulfillment was dissected: there is indeed a good and a bad fulfillment.
It is very important then to look at charismatic questions and not at answers.

Some key concepts from Professor Luigino Bruni’s talk.

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