For quite some time now, we had been wishing to be “visited” by our sister Diane; they are those visits that you want so much and for one reason or another do not happen so often. But this time our wish was fulfilled and we were “visited”, I say it in plural because with her came hopes, talks “two by two” or together, discernment and reflection of our journey from another point of view; all this brought with her visit, in addition to the love and greetings from the sisters in the United States.
It was an encounter like that of Mary and Elizabeth, an encounter of sisters, of people who know each other, who appreciate each other, who are “family”.
Or an encounter like that of Jesus and Lazarus, where we took off our bandages to be able to continue walking in this demanding Nicaraguan reality. We healed each other and became more companions on the road.
I believe that it was also an encounter of joy, like that of Zacchaeus and Jesus, we had a party, we ate, we shared and celebrated because with Diane we received the good news that we are much more than the “lesser” sisters that we are in this country. We are united in spirit and in truth beyond borders and human limitations.
And so we have remained, with our hearts full of joy, strength, courage, hope and patience: we just have to keep going! Here the Kingdom must continue to walk barefoot, to the rhythm of God and with the flavor of the people.
Thank you Diane for your visit, it was not only to see and hear children, people; it was also resilience, learning from both sides, a pedagogy that makes us find the inner peace that we need so much. Thank you for your visit to our realities, I believe that the “parts” were enriched and grateful to the good God for this gift.
Diane, from this corner of Pochocuape, Managua, we ask the Spirit of God to grant you the grace of wisdom and charity to accompany this Province of the Institute.
And may Mary of Guadalupe be the Mother who watches over us and consoles us: “May your heart not be saddened… Am I not here, who am your Mother…?

(cfr. Our Lady’s words to John D. 1531).

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