Plus, New Limited Edition Mother Cabrini Tiny Saint
In the new film Cabrini, there is a scene where Mother Cabrini’s situation in New York is tenuous. She doesn’t have any money, her support is waning, and she’s worried about returning to Italy a failure. She’s interviewed for an article that directs the eyes of New Yorkers to the plight of the Italian Immigrants and the work of the sisters.

We did some digging and found that article. In the article, Mother Cabrini describes her work, “We try to learn about all the Italian children we meet, whether they have proper homes and proper schooling. I have said that we are especially anxious about the girls just now, and the reason must be apparent. The temptations that a big city like this offers to poor, ignorant girls of any nationality are very great, and to abandoned Italian girls who have no means of livelihood and are ignorant even of the language of those around them, they are terrible… As soon as our means will afford we intend to have a larger house, where we can accommodate all the children that come to us.”That last line caused New Yorkers to open their hearts and pocket books. After the story ran, Mother Cabrini’s mission received support and the rest is history. Starting in New York City, she began a global apostolate of care that included hospitals, orphanages and schools that survive to this day.Many know Mother Cabrini as the first saint of the United States, but they don’t know she is also a great intercessor for the discouraged. She’s been discouraged too and is sympathetic. But, she knows that with persistence and prayer, God provides.To help spread devotion for Mother Cabrini, we’ve partnered with Angel Studios to release a limited edition Cabrini Tiny Saint for kids and adults. Anytime you face adversity, you can now have a friend in Heaven and a fun reminder at your side to seek the intercession of America’s first saint – especially when it feels like things aren’t going your way.St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us.
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