Cabrini Immigrant Services (CIS), Dobbs Ferry, NY, offers programs to toddlers and preschoolers along with their parent/caregiver. The programs help the students learn basic concepts, development of language, pre-reading skills and sight words. It also helps to prepare the students for admission to Pre-K and Kindergarten. In addition, it assists the parent/caregiver to work with the child at home to reinforce the skills.

Some of our students put on a special play for the residents at St. Cabrini Nursing Home. The children and their Moms were very excited to put on a performance of “The Very Hungary Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. The children did a magnificent job! The residents were so happy to see the children. It was extra special to have the children visiting because due to COVID-19, visiting at the nursing home had been very limited. After the performance, the children sang some songs in Spanish. They sang about how God made colors and God made butterflies. It was a beautiful afternoon for everyone!

Thanks to Lorraine Campanelli, MS, LMSW, for this article.

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