We are Pilgrims on a Journey

Staff members from Cabrini Health in Australia led by Julie Fleming, the Director of Mission Services, are currently on a pilgrimage to Codogno, Italy to walk in the footsteps of Mother Cabrini. They are being joined by Cabrini Mission Foundation (CMF) Board Member Dave DeCerbo and his wife, Linda, and CMF Executive Director Christopher LaBianco. Sr. Therese Merandi, MSC and Sr. Maria Barbagallo, MSC have been accompanying the group during their stay in Codogno. In their own words: Julie Fleming, Cabrini Health shares: “How many people are blessed enough to literally walk in the footsteps of a saint? “The whole pilgrim experience has been deeply moving; learning details of Mother Cabrini’s life and her faith in the Sacred Heart of Jesus plus the passionate storytelling by Sr. Therese Merandi, MSC has been inspiring and has brought to life the Cabrini charism in a vibrant way. Meeting the senior Missionary Sisters who have given so much of their life to service of others is so humbling. We feel a deeper and more familial connection with Saint Frances Cabrini and know that we will become better torchbearers of her charism in our ministries. Jenny Nicholson, Cabrini Health, Australia: I did not expect to be overcome by the profound impact this immersion experience would have on me. To walk on the very floorboards, St. Frances Cabrini walked on in her home; to be in the rooms where she listened to the stories told by her father; where she slept, ate and prayed. All these things I had only read of. The passion of those who continue the work of St. Frances, living their life through her, in her spirit, living out the gift of our charism. The incredible stories of Sr. Maria Barbagallo, the passion, fervour and spirit of Sr. Therese and Allesandra Bergamaschi. To receive the blessings of the many Sisters of the Codogno Spirituality Centre every daywe are blessed in God’s love to be here. Miranda Coombs, Cabrini Health, Australia I have been moved by the stories of the sisters and mother Cabrini, delivered with so much illumination and conviction. But above all else, I have been moved by their openness to love. I have been moved with love, to be open to love and more giving of love. I have felt so much love for my family, for my friends and fellow pilgrims who are also on this journey. “It has been a profound experience to walk in the footsteps of Mother Cabrini as part of a Codogno pilgrimage with my fellow Guadalupe Province lay leaders from Australia. I have had the opportunity to bear witness to Mother Cabrini’s birthplace, schools she attended and taught at, places of worship, and missionary institutions she opened. Mother Cabrini’s story has always inspired me – her resilience, perseverance, business acumen. Today, history has taught me so much more about her suffering, her love, her leadership, and her strategic approach and mission focus. I am grateful to have participated, and look forward to the opportunity to further the mission in my daily life.”.

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