Thanks to God, with the intercession of Mother Cabrini, and our Mother of Guadalupe, we finished with joy another missionary year as a school.
The Technical Institute “La Inmaculada” crowned this school year with a general academic performance of 95%. We have delivered to the Nicaraguan society:

Sixty-six technical graduates

Seventy-five students completing their primary studies

Sixty-six students completing their initial education in Preschool

“We are useless servants; we have done what we had to do.”

A word of gratitude goes to the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all their efforts throughout the world, especially in this Institution. We continue our commitment to the education of the heart of children and young people for life. From now on, we entrust the upcoming school year 2023: it is looming with difficulties but, at the same time, it is a year filled with HOPE increasing our strength a hundredfold, and with faith and trust in God our Savior and Father.

Hna. Emperatriz Canales E., MSC

General Director “La Inmaculada” Technical Institute

Managua, Nicaragua

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