Story of Pro Dubbo Onlus Foundation meeting at San Severino Marche – November 2021

Historically, it has been called Missionary Children’s Day, but the Italian Church has renamed it Children’s Missionary Day to emphasize – even more clearly – that to be a missionary you don’t need a special vocation, nor a membership card to any group: you just need to be baptized. Missionaries, therefore, are all young people who have received this sacrament, regardless of their age or interests.

On May 3, 1922 Pope Pius XI recognized the Work as Pontifical, while on December 4, 1950 Pope Pius XII established the “World Day of the Holy Childhood”, declaring as the date of celebration the solemnity of the Epiphany, but giving freedom to each nation to choose the day most suitable to local needs.

From Australia to Paraguay, from Romania to Malawi, the Pontifical Work of Missionary Childhood is present in over 130 countries on five continents with the motto “Children help children”.

In reference to this we tell you about when on November 6 and 7, Sr. Maria Regina and the administrative secretary, Sabrina, went to the annual meeting of the Pro Dubbo Onlus Foundation in San Severino Marche. The meeting was attended by volunteers who work in Africa, and among the various missions also in the St. Mary’s Hospital in Dubbo. Very interesting were the speeches by doctors, including young doctors in training, veteran volunteers and Don Donato, who explained the current situation in Ethiopia and the difficulties they are facing in continuing their work. The desire to go back there is great, from everyone.

The basic purpose of Pro Dubbo Onlus Foundation is to support and provide financial resources for the various activities of the hospital “St Dubbo. Mary Primary Hospital”, located in Areka, Ethiopia and the specific commitment in the field of maternity and pediatrics with all the associated services: prenatal prevention, free delivery, pediatrics. You can help support the population through a donation, Your contribution is essential to achieve the goals.
The White Cross Institute Association in collaboration with a large group of lay volunteers, the Foundation “Pro-Dubbo Onlus” of Loreto (AN), the Foreign Missions Secretariat of the Capuchin Fathers of Recanati (MC), has been engaged for years in the activation and management of projects aimed at the population in Dubbo, an area in the south of Ethiopia in the region of Wolaita.

Therefore, it is important not only the fundamental work and support of religious and lay missionaries but also that each one of us feels like a missionary, starting with the youngest.
With joy and serenity of heart to the children of the world, Happy Epiphany!


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