A group of 2022 Graduate Nurses were welcomed and blessed as they began their work at Cabrini Health Australia as newly Registered Nurses.

Julie Fleming Director of Mission and Identity spoke of Cabrini’s ethic of care to ensure that all who come to Cabrini felt loved. The new nurses were  told of the vision of Mother Cabrini and the legacy they are entrusted with.

In a moving Blessing of Hands ceremony Sr. Beatriz Santos MSC and Anne Zandegu, Director of Nursing anointed the graduate’s palms with the words ‘May God bless your hands and all you touch.’

In the presence of Chief Executive Sue Williams and the clinical nurse educators, last year’s graduates Julia and Vince addressed the new nurses with advice on how exciting, rewarding and challenging starting work was. They also encouraged the nurses to take care of themselves and rely on the support of their colleagues.

To the 65 graduates nurses starting work with Cabrini Australia, congratulations and welcome to the Cabrini family!

~ Thanks to Julie Fleming, Group Director Mission & Identity at Cabrini Health Australia

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