This afternoon at 5:30 pm at Residenza San Raffaele in San Raffaele Cimena there will be a presentation of the book “Erano arrivate da terre lontane” followed by an aperitif.
To learn a little about the history of the former convent in San Raffaele Cimena read here:

For almost a century, the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with an immense host of sisters, has been a living, industrious, zealous part of that microcosm constituted by a hillside hamlet, San Raphael, and its industrious community. Part of this, with love and spirit of self-sacrifice, were the Sisters of Mother Cabrini., many of whom came to these hills after a lifetime of dedication to their neighbors in need, spent in distant mission lands. This book is a fitting tribute for what they left up here: a shining reminder of a precious presence never forgotten.

Today marks the proclamation of Mother Cabrini as Heavenly Patroness of all emigrants. Here are some excerpts from the writings of the Foundation of the First House In Argentina
Santa Rosa da Lima College. We collected what happened for a few years on September 8.

September 8 – Nativity of the Virgin
Dear day full of holy and gentle enthusiasms! The Daughters of Mary were in a special way delighted. The altar of the Virgin was festively adorned; A thousand and varied flowers spread grateful odor all around that dear enclosure where dear and envied moments were to be spent.

September 8 – First Communion of 35 pupils, celebrated at our parish, with the splendid and moving outcome of the first time. (Fr. Masferrer).
The harmonium was carried and the Daughters of Mary sang – The new Communicants, like a snowy host of angels, entered singing. During the service the church was a Paradise.
They returned to the College for breakfast, and here the R. Fr. Masferrer, S.J. Who had celebrated the Mass, distributed to them the beautiful memento that is meant to be given: a large, devout and very fine press.
In the afternoon, around 5 o’clock, the girls returned here, and the moving ceremony of the Renewal of the promises of Holy Baptism took place in the chapel, followed by the Blessing of the Blessed Sacrament and songs to Our Lady.

Sept. 8 – Sara Palma in De Los Santos, Emma Di Gennaro ved. Vanessa. There was also a violin. The grand refectory lacked room for everyone: there were a couple hundred of them.
M. Virginia was always in motion, accompanying, directing, helping, and even came with us to the table.
But then, she had to put herself to bed – as always! She does not mind herself: she immolates herself to her duty, far more than she should.

September 8 – On this beautiful day, dedicated to Mary Most Holy Child, we also mark the Silver Anniversary of the Religious Profession of our Rda. Mother Directress, Chiara Conti. There were two Masses, the last one sung, with a beautiful speech by the Rda. Chaplain, extolling Our Mother Foundress.
After the religious services were over, they went to the hall to congratulate Rda. M. Headmistress on the happy event: a little girl from the College, named after her companions, read a beautiful speech on the occasion. At 4 p.m. there was sung Vespers, another sermon by Fr. Vallacanera, Cura – Vicar, singing of the Magnificat and Blessing in the third.

September 8 was celebrated in this year with enthusiasm. A good number of young girls approached Holy Communion for the first time, so that ‘act increased the solemnity of the feast. The Holy Mass was celebrated and Holy Communion given by the R.d. Vicar Foraneo Sac. Nicholas Grenòn, and he had very tender expressions in the fervor. On that same day, Daughters of Mary and Aspirants were received. After the religious service there was a charity lottery in favor of the Congregation of the Infant Jesus which, due to a fire that had occurred in the Chapel on Holy Thursday, was left without its altar on which the tomb had been arranged and which was burned down.
The result exceeded expectation, so much so that an artistic altar could be started with the harvest; allocating the compensation for the fire damage, received from the Insurance Company, to another equal for St. Joseph.
For health reasons M. Eleodora Navarro was transferred to Buenos Aires, being replaced by M. Dolores Albarracìn.
For the same reason M. Ignazia San Pedro returned to Buenos Aires at the end of September.
During the illness of the R.da M. Directeur, upon being informed of this, Mgr. Giovanni Boneo Vicar of the Diocese sent an autograph in which he expressed a vow made on behalf of the patient to go, that is, when she was healed on pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe extra muro of the city of Santa Fe.
Now, as the priestly and episcopal jubilee of the Ill. Bishop recurred in this year, the reduction of the trip was taken advantage of in order to dissolve the Vow and attend the celebrations of the Presule.

Per quasi un secolo la Congregazione delle Suore Missionarie del Sacro Cuore di Gesù, con un’immensa schiera di consorelle, è stata parte viva, operosa, zelante, di quel microcosmo costituito da una borgata di collina, San Raffaele, e dalla sua laboriosa collettività. Di questa ne hanno fatto parte, con amore e con spirito di abnegazione, le suore di Madre Cabrini., molte delle quali giunte su questi colli dopo un’intera vita di dedizione al prossimo bisognoso, trascorsa nelle lontane terre di missione. Questo libro è un doveroso omaggio per quanto hanno lasciato quassù: un fulgido ricordo di una preziosa presenza mai dimenticata.

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