Meetings of the course “Repairing the Irreparable” continued each half day featured two talks of half an hour each followed by a panel discussion.
The topics covered were historical, anthropological, spiritual to topics of current events.
Although the setting of the conference was academic it was very nice to witness the testimony of those who work with people who are victims of great abandonment and hurt.
On Saturday then the participants of the meeting were received in audience by the Holy Father. The conference concluded on Sunday, May 5, with a lunch together.

Eleven MSCs participated: Sr. Eliane, Sr. Stella, Sr. Gilda, Sr. Patricia, Sr. Giuditta, Sr. Marta Maria, Sr. Rachele, Sr. Terezinha, Sr. Maria Elena, Sr. Maria del Carmen and Sr. Sandra.


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    Florence Owunna on July 9, 2024

    Well done, Sisters!

  2. 2
    Florence on July 9, 2024

    Well done, Sisters!

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