Mrs. Carla Marchesi has been an assiduous collaborator of the Museum and the Codogno Spirituality Center for over twenty years. The furnishings, organization, finishing touches and extraordinary maintenance works for the latest edition of the Cabrinian Museum in Codogno was all the work of the furniture company which Mrs. Marchesi owns. In addition to looking after the Museum, she also saw to the restoration of the furniture that had belonged to Saint Frances Cabrini, the preservation of objects and museum materials and contributed to improve many aspects of the Spirituality Center that had suffered from neglect and age. Those included the Mother Cabrini Room, the Reading Room and various works that are part of the history of the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Signora Carla also was asked for advice, works and maintenance of furniture and furnishings of the whole House and of the RSA.

Apart from her collaboration as a professional interior decorator, Mrs. Marchesi is a very active volunteer in the parishes and cultural centers in the Lodi area and in other regions as well. She is always ready to help with cultural and religious events for the Codogno House.

In April 2021 when the Covid epidemic was in full flood at the Codogno House as well, Mrs. Marchesi supervised the placing of the new Stations of the Cross, the work of the artist, Meo Carbone, in the garden and despite the difficulties of those times, she managed to have it lit for Good Friday night.

Her relations with professionals, priests, prelates, reception centers and Caritas have always been of help to the Codogno House in providing points of reference for solving problems and meeting many needs as well as in making her own employees available

For these reasons, we MSC of the Codogno House were very happy to learn that the municipality of Secugnago (Lodi) had recognized her with a Civic Merit Award for the work that her company had been doing for over 50 years in the Lodi area and not only for her professional but also for her volunteer work and help in the parishes and cultural and religious organizations.

Thanks to Mater Gratiae Province Newsletter

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