On December 9, 2022, a big celebration took place at the St. Maria Assunta Community, in Pagirinya Refugee Settlement, in northern Uganda.

Since July, a committee had started to think about and plan the celebration, in order that everything would happen in the best way.

Finally, on December 9, five groups of women from Pagirinya and one from Newmanzi Settlement, gathered in a beautiful celebration. The theme was: “EMPOWERING REFUGEE WOMEN FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND SELF RELIANCE”.

After a Eucharistic Celebration full of color, dance and music, and animated by an enthusiastic choir of young people, all enjoyed a nice lunch prepared by the women.

The whole afternoon was dedicated to speeches from invited visitors, and presentations from each group. What the women prepared was amazing! They were each wearing a specific uniform which would identify them. The music and dances were outstanding. Each group prepared something that could identify their culture, and express what they carried in their hearts. It was a day in which they could bring back to life everything they had left behind, and what was hidden in their minds and hearts. What a joyful day!

Our goal, when we proposed this celebration, was to give an opportunity for the groups to gather and get to know each other. And, we are glad to say, that it was achieved! People from Newmanzi Settlement were very much welcomed by the people of Pagirinya! They were very grateful, and said that they had never been in each other’s Settlements before. So now, they know each other, and it was amazing for them to celebrate with other groups!

Here are the words of Sister Suany, who recently visited this mission:

” I went to visit the mission in Uganda. A beautiful mission! I visited the groups of refugee women. It is an important & profound work that the sisters do with them, I felt the living presence of Mother Cabrini among the women, and despite so much suffering, they faithfully follow the Word of God, believing that one day life will be better.” 

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