After recalling the priest who baptized him, Father Enrico Pozzoli, a native of Senna Lodigiana, the Pontiff pointed to the fertility of the Lodi land, in terms of holiness, with a saint who has begotten: Frances Xavier Cabrini, a native of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano. Pope Francis shares the reasons for his closeness to that territory and its people, first and foremost the Baptism received by the Lodi priest.
Then remembering Saint Cabrini, a native of this land, he goes with his thoughts to the experience of his own family emigrating to Argentina. Finally, the drama of Covid-19 and the departure. He continued,

“I am the son of migrants; Argentina has become home to lots and lots of migrant families, mostly Italians, and santa Cabrini and the Cabrinians are an important presence in Buenos Aires. Today I want to express to you my admiration and gratitude for this woman, who – together with Bishop Scalabrini – is a witness to the Church’s closeness to migrants: her charism is more relevant than ever! I ask her intercession so that your diocesan community may always be attentive to the signs of the times and draw from the charity of Christ the courage to live the mission today.”

Looking at the Message of Pope Francis, let us try to concretize it in the mission today in Palma di
Montechiaro by involving the same immigrants to be protagonists of the whole Celebration that will take place that day: the solemn Holy Mass, stories of their own historical experiences, recreational moments where they are Romanian families are also involved with their many children.
All this and more through our active involvement with African youth to share with them, victims of indifference, a moment of joy, in a varied and fantastic way all have agreed to take part of their time to tell of their experiences. There will be singing, prayer time, fraternal agape and more. All of this helps us to understand that really our life is part of the time that is given to us and that we have the opportunity to fill it and be able to transform it into something precious, which enriches us and the world around us
aware of and grateful for the time that is given to us.

Antonietta Scopelliti MLC

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