Teatro Juvenil Corazon Sin Fronteras with the support of the Diocese of El Paso is pleased to announce a great news.

For them this was a great opportunity for their children and youth to not only be part of a great theatre production, but to come and learn more about Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini and her burning desire to communicate the love of Jesus to those who don’t even know or have forgotten Him. This ardent little soul’s desire to be a missionary of the Heart of Jesus led her to sainthood.

They humbly commend themselves to our prayers for more missionary vocations through their fifth play. They thank Regina Palamara, MSC of Burkan California who kindly provided them with the script written in 1950.

Sandra O. Castro adfirmed: ” Also in a leap of faith we are renting the Auditorium which is a bit expensive but first comes God and then the funds will come. As every year it is difficult to recruit actors but also as a miracle for the first time with this new script we are going to present it in English and then in Spanish in the month of June of the Sacred Heart of Jesus if God allows it.

I would so much like to be able to share more of our adventures with you. Who was like our dearest Mother Cabrini to write so beautifully. This is the flyer we used during the movie. “

“There Angel Studios already presented the film “Cabrini” prior to the premiere date and a day before as a miracle of the intersection of Madre Cabrini they helped us and let us promote our work. They even made some flyers for us in less than a day. Nothing like this had ever happened to us before. The film was wonderful and very motivating and sincerely I saw myself a little bit reflected in Cabrini and my children were breaking my soul. It was a great inspiration.”

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