Our “soul sings the greatness of the Lord” who has done and is doing wonders through mission in Ethiopia.
On Jan. 27, we celebrated the Mass of Thanksgiving for 25 Years of Life Given in this land of blessing, Ethiopian land, where the people manifest their faith in God who is the Lord of all things.
We experienced how good God is. The joy and simplicity of the celebration touched our hearts. The lived memories of these years are like the song of Our Lady saying “The Lord has done great things in us and for us.”
All participants enjoyed the celebration and feast with food and dance and “coffe ceremonies.”
God be praised forever. Thank you to all the sisters who gave and sowed life and continue to sow love, hope, faith and joy in this mission developed here in Ethiopia.

Thanks to Sister Suany for sharing this!

Today the Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus celebrated their 25th year anniversary in Dubbo-Ethiopia! The anniversary celebration began with thanks giving mass presided by Bishop Emiratus Tsegaye Keneni( former Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo). We thank God for the graces we received through MSC sisters in Dubbo and its surroundings. We, the parishioners of Dubbo Our Lady of Lourdes, are grateful to God, for their service, their presence, their help in both spiritual and material aspects during the past 25 years. We cherish every journey step we have taken together as one family of God. Dear sisters, we thank you for your selfless service over the years. We would like to express our special gratitude to the first batch of sisters who arrived in Dubbo : Sr. John, Sr. Maria Regina, Sr. Ettorina, Sr. Francesca, Sr. Terezinha and others…you said “YES” to the mission in Dubbo- Ethiopia and opened the way 25 years ago, thank you! 🙏❤️🙏
We are blessed to have you and all your community members in our parish. You have become the shining star in our parish and beyond. May God continue to bless you and your service. Happy 25th anniversary!💐🎊

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