It was my first visit to Guatemala, a reality I only knew thanks to some reading of history, economy and society of the Country I made while preparing for the task I was to undertake for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mother Cabrini’s Sisters.

The rainbow of colors visible in every corner of the villages, in all artifacts and dresses, even on the walls of houses surprised me. I was expecting to see them abundantly but not to such extent also in the asentamientos where the Missionary Sisters provide their assistance and care.
Both Dispensarios work as a catalyst for the whole population around them and as an incubator of initiatives for elderly, kids and women.

The energy and dedication of Sisters Concepcion, Maria Elena, Juanita and Ana Jilma generated a ripple effect in the lay staff working with them. San Jose and Madre Cabrini Dispensarios provide an oasis of spiritual and physical wellbeing in the poorest and humble environments they are located. Their presence and work radiate the essence of love, respect, empowerment, education and care that gives hope to overcame even the most difficult realities.

By Angela Marinella Paraluppi, friend of the MSC, partner-in-mission, and (Architect) Head, Space Planning and Accommodation at World Health Organization

All the pictures are by Angela Marinella Paraluppi

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