In these difficult times we are living in, we feel very fortunate to have been able to celebrate with our students from all over the school a few days of community celebration.
Prior to the different dynamics and activities that we carried out with our students, the teaching team set the following objectives:

  • To get to know the life, qualities and work of Mother Cabrini.
  • To highlight the most important events in the life and work of the foundress.
  • To work on the most important works of Mother Cabrini and to express them artistically.
  • To remember the key moments of Mother Cabrini’s life.
  • To focus our work on the values of our foundress, as an example of life to follow.
    All these objectives were focused on deepening the figure of our foundress from the different aspects that formed her being, her work and faith.
    One of our goals today is to combine pedagogical innovation with the work of values, so most of the activities we carried out during that week had both aspects as the backbone of all activities.
    The following are some of the most outstanding activities, which are centered on 3 types of activities according to the aspect of our foundress that we were working on: values and her life example, her work and going deeper into her life:

    VALUES AND LIFE EXAMPLE: we worked with different dynamics the model of Mother Cabrini as an example of life around the question: How are you like Mother Cabrini? Making them aware that she is always at our side supporting and watching over each of our actions.

As every year we transmit to the children the life of Mother Cabrini so that they can understand her great commitment to help those most in need and her education of the heart.

THE WORK OF MOTHER CABRINI: One of our main objectives this year has been to transmit to our students the great legacy that Mother Cabrini left in the world and that we can still enjoy today, understanding and deepening the message of the great community that we are part of thanks to her work.

It should be noted that all these activities were carried out creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere, in which the children were able to experience a few days of enjoyment and pleasant and educational work, culminating all of them with celebrations in the chapel around the figure of our mother and with a great chocolate party in which the youngest and oldest could enjoy, share and live together.

This type of celebration reminds us how important it is to be excited, to enjoy the moments of celebration as unique and reminds us of the importance of looking with the eyes of the children, with the heart, only then we can continue with the great work that our dear Mother Cabrini left us.

Mother Cabrini Activities for Secondary and High School students
The students of Secondary and Baccalaureate have worked on the Cabrinian week from different approaches, according to the courses.

1st: Do we know Mother Cabrini?
From a motivational video, the students of 1st ESO made a puzzle and a “word search” deepening in the life and work of Mother Cabrini.

2nd: Actions to change the world
The students chose a sustainable development goal for each working group and studied the relationship of Mother Cabrini’s actions with the chosen goal, how and when she did it and if she achieved it. An oral presentation of the work was made and each group was awarded with “cabridollars”. The winners with the most “cabridollars” were awarded points for a gamification project.

3rd : Madre Cabrini en la onda (Mother Cabrini on the air)
The students produced a podcast and a radio program highlighting the most important events in the life and work of Mother Cabrini.

4th: Posters that Speak: Life and Work of Mother Cabrini
The 4th ESO students, after watching a motivational video, divided the life and work of Mother Cabrini among the three classes and made a poster about the chosen moment. The importance of posters in the transmission of information was highlighted.

Baccalaureate: Mother Cabrini with the people on the run
Our high school students researched the scope of Mother Cabrini’s work and made a chronological axis. They then worked on the texts “The Nun with the Suitcase” written by Lucetta Scaraffia and “Mother Cabrini and the Migrants of Today” written by Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, C.S. Using the Word Art application, they made a composition with the key words of the text. Finally, a debate on immigration was held.

Aula de Enlace:
After an explanation of the life of Mother Cabrini with photos and videos, the students of the Aula de Enlace (Primary and Secondary), made beautiful bookmarks that they took home as a souvenir of their time at the school.

To end the day, the older students of the school also enjoyed a hot chocolate offered by the APA to pay tribute to our foundress.

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