A new program for refugee women is being developed in the Pagirinya Settlement. Several projects started with training in 2022 are gaining strength and better structure this year, thanks to the financial support received. The eight women’s groups will begin a new phase of production and sales starting in early April. The goal is to provide financial and administrative support for their production and sales so that by next year they will all become self-sufficient and independent, and thus improve the living conditions of their families. This Friday, March 31, we will inaugurate a space provided for an office and training room, in the Settlement itself. Praise God for the wonders he works in and through his people!


Next Saturday, April 1, the St Frances Cabrini Shrine in NYC will be honored to host Sr Bernadette Anello, MSC who will lead a mini retreat for the Shrine staff. Sr Bernadette will help them reflect on one of the most difficult things to let go of: our assumptions and expectations. These often unacknowledged barriers interfere with our relationships with each other and hinder our relationship with Jesus.

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