Saturday, September 9, 2023 5 p.m. Celebration of the 140th anniversary of the founding of Grumello House. The exhibition will be there from September 9 to 16.

There will be a mass and concert this afternoon at the parish of St. Bartholomew the Apostle in Grumello Cremonese in honor of St. Frances Cabrini. Pictured is the program for the afternoon and concert.

The convent was desired by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. In November 1882 from the Motherhouse in Codogno, of which she was a young superior, she headed for Grumello on a cart with four sisters, Sister Salesia Donelli, Sister Ancilla Narra, Sister Gesuina Passerini, Sister Francesca Cairo, mother director, and a few household goods. She thus founded her first filial house, whose organizational structure traced that of the Mother House: in fact, in it, not only was religious assistance guaranteed, but a free kindergarten and elementary school were also opened, plus a women’s work workshop for young women. In Grumello, the Cabrinian Sisters’ educational work continued for a long time: in the mid-1960s the elementary school was closed, while the kindergarten remained open until the early 1990s. For more than a century, the Convent has been an important point of reference for the townspeople and of spiritual and human formation for the younger generations.

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