The Sisters of Charity of Maria Bambina is an institute founded in Lovere, Italy in 1832. The Institute is present today in many parts of the world and, through works of mercy, responds to the many needs of the people of our times.

One of their apostolic services, in solidarity and charity, is the care of the elderly and sick in nursing homes: that is why they have been present for many years in the Santa Francesca Cabrini Nursing Home in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, one of the largest in the Lodi area. Completely renovating the facility years ago, the then parish priest, Monsignor Carlo Ferrari, made an apartment with five rooms on the second floor for the Religious, after making sure they would stay there.

Religious vocations declined, and the five nuns were reduced to two, replaced by lay staff.

Some time ago, Sister Ludovica, who was stupendous in her spiritual transparency, also died, and Sister Joan remained, and continues, despite health difficulties and her 80 years. Caring for her, the doctors were surprised by her dedication. Returning to the RSA, she continues to say, “I stay here to do the Lord’s will.”

On July 4, some good news, as Sister Brigid, 75, arrived in the community to provide spiritual care to the 139 guests, the 7 elderly and sick priests, and the 30 or so people at the Integrated Day Care Center.

A This is a real joy after the closure of many religious communities. In the Diocese currently, the Sisters of Maria Bambina have remained in Lodi at the Rest Home “Istituto Santa Savina”, via De Lemene, and in Sant’Angelo at the rest home on Cogozzo Street.

Our two sisters refer to the nearest community in Villanterio. Mother Provincial said, “How can I say no to the Bishop’s request.” Sister Giovanna will continue to enrich the interior chapel with her artistic and religious expertise.

Both nuns will be close to the guests, the staff employees, and the 7 priests, to revive everyone’s faith with their witness given to the very last.

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