Today we discover a little about the activities in the Mater Gratiae Province in Spain during the months of April and May.

Activities in Spain

During the month of April, we have continued to celebrate Easter. On this occasion we have carried out a dynamic to try to lead the students to the following reflection:

Jesus comes to give us life, to continue to transform it and to change ourselves. This transformation is possible because Jesus is with us and helps us. During Lent we followed a process of transformation, it was a time of change where we made a commitment to leave aside the things that separated us from Jesus, in order to get closer to him and to become more and more like him.

We were sad and he came to bring us joy, we were lost and he found us, when we felt alone he came to accompany us. For this reason, we must be reflections of this change, Jesus is our Father and He never abandons us.

For this we have watched a video and afterwards, they have made a triptych with the product of their reflections. In this process of bringing our children closer to Jesus we have had the collaboration of the priests of the parish who have come to give masses to the different groups of pupils of the school.

In the month of May, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the pastoral activities have been oriented to her figure. During the prayer each morning, we have highlighted traits of her personality that serve as a model for our daily life.

A timetable has been established so that all the Infant and Primary classes can make the floral offering in the chapel. This activity is very popular with the pupils and has been complemented by a later reflection in class by means of worksheets. On them our pupils wrote their thoughts about Our Lady and drew pictures of themselves as they imagine Our Lady sees them.

Another Marian moment that took place during the month was the recitation of the Hail Mary at 15:00. All the classes (each one in their own classroom) dedicated the prayer to the people who, because of the pandemic, are having a particularly hard time.

In Secondary School, the first week there was an on-line conference on vocation. Starting from the meaning of Mary’s life (“Let it be done to me according to your word”), three people spoke via Teams and gave testimony of their life of dedication to God. After their words, the students were able to intervene, asking the speakers about their doubts and concerns.

The Closing of the month of May was carried out in a different way, given the circumstances.

Throughout the school there was a moment of prayer together over the loudspeaker and then continued in the classrooms making a prayer to the Virgin, which was written on a bouquet of flowers drawn (which the students took home). And the culmination was the singing of the song to Our Lady: “Hagase” (Let there be done).

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