‘To the Ends of the Heart’ Newsletter

Dearest Sisters and Partners-in-Mission,

It is with great joy that I write to you to officially launch our newsletter update covering a variety of ministries under the Generalate. We have heard your requests for deeper sharing across the Institute and in the spirit of unity, transparency and accountability, we are delighted to be updating you more formally on a quarterly basis. We will also continue with regular updates on the Cabrini World website (www.cabriniworld.org) and social media.
In our communications, we hope to share not only what we are doing, but our learnings,  joys, and the stories of hope we are creating and encountering through our works. Initially we will be covering the work of the Finance team in their Impact Investing endeavours, and the work of the International Health Commission.  These new vehicles are extending and deepening our mission work, both in current territories and those territories we have over the years dreamed of reaching.Our impact investment work allows us to use our temporal goods to bring the love of Christ to all the corners of the earth where others are reluctant to go, supporting the delivery of essential services.  In many ways we are breaking into new frontiers in our endeavours, learning together with other organizations and encouraging more to join us.  The work of the Health Commission is helping us to better understand our health missions and how to support them in reaching global standards of good practice.

Ministries such as these are exemplars of us unbinding ourselves from old ways and putting on wings. They demonstrate our charism as evidenced through Sisters and laity working hand-in-hand, pioneering and venturing to the ends of the earth as bearers of the love of Christ to all. Thank you for your ongoing interest, love and support and for all that you do in your corners of our shared home.  Prayerful wishes for a reflective Advent and a joyful Christmas season to you and all your loved ones.  Let us continue to seek ways to free ourselves to love more deeply in practical ways that brings dignity, justice and hope to all the world.
United in the heart of Jesus,
Sr. Barbara Staley, General Superior, MSC

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