Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative (CIIC) November Community Forum

We are excited to announce our November Community Forum, the first in an ongoing series of webinars focused on a specific issue area for CIIC community members to engage in open dialogue, exchange resources and identify opportunities for mutual learning and collaboration.

November’s Forum on Monday, November 16th will focus on Racial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Speakers include:

  • Ryan Strode, Program Director of Philanthropy, Franciscan Sisters of MaryStrategies for starting the DEI conversation with your financial advisor/asset manager as a Catholic asset owner
  • James Malone, Chief Financial Officer, Community Capital ManagementMinority Community Advancement Racial Empowerment Strategy (CARES): Investing in positive impact empowerment for minority individuals, businesses, and communities
  • James Forbes, CEO + Co-Founder, Good Life Growing (GLG)How investors can empower communities through intentional investment and thoughtful dialogue with investees and beneficiaries 
  • Lisa Hayles, Investment Manager, Trillium Asset ManagementReflections on the issue of diversity in asset management and across the finance sector

We’ll follow up the forum by sharing a learnings report with all participants that summarizes the ideas and best practices discussed.


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