Partners-in-Mission re-commitment 2020

On August 14, 2020, exactly a year on from the first personal commitments by our Partners-in-Mission, and since Covid-19 has not allowed us to gather again in person at this time, a virtual re-commitment ceremony was held in the various parts of the Region. In addition to those who had previously committed themselves as MSC PiMs, some ‘new’ partners committed themselves to join us in sharing in the Mission of Jesus.  Welcome!


Our Partners in Eswatini gathered together to participate in the ceremony. Following the ceremony, two graciously shared their thoughts and feelings with us about what it means to be a Cabrini Partner-in- Mission. We thank Sharon & Sarah for sharing their reflections with us.

Ms. Sharon Singleton – Phillipians 4:13 ‘I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me’.
This verse continues to give us hope as it did to Mother Cabrini. When I look back at the past year, we have achieved great work and by the Grace of God will keep the Cabrinian Charism flame alight. Thank you for this opportunity to be recognised and to be held accountable to the work and ministry of Jesus.

Ms. Sarah Tshuma – First of all, I would like to thank the Sisters for inviting me to the recommitment ceremony. It was my first time to attend and when Phesheya asked me to partake, I did not hesitate. To be honest, this ceremony reminded me of my graduation ceremony as a nurse when I pledged before God that I will serve his people regardless of their status, color or creed. It made me recall vividly well the commitment I made before God to serve the nations.
The commitment I made recently felt like a renewal of my vows to God to save many lives as a nurse. What always stands out for me is the connection between my calling as a nurse, and how it links with my religious call as a Christian. And so, this commitment never felt so strange to me. Instead, it reminded me that my call to serve is life binding and I should continue to live by my commitment wherever I go and whenever I serve the people of God.   


From left to right in the photoS: MS. Sarah TSuma, MS. Zodwa Gama ,Mr. PheSheya Vilakati,MS. Zodwa Vilakati & MS. Sharon Singleton. Front: Mr. Mzamo Sikhondze.

In many circumstances in our line of duty, we are faced with many challenges. However, what gives us the power to conquer and keeps us going is living the commitment that we have made with God. I thank the Sisters once again, for reminding me of the importance of recommitting to God. My daily revival comes from Psalm 23:1 and Psalm 91.

I also wish we can have regular sharing of our missionary work – not necessarily on a yearly basis but maybe as often as quarterly. This is just to check on how we are doing as brothers and sisters while cooperating in God’s missionary work at various places. This we need to do to support one another in our daily walks with Jesus.


Photo right: Let’S CElebrate!!


On August 14 in Dubbo, Ethiopia, there was also a gathering for the Zoom Partners-in-Mission re- commitment ceremony. In spite of the challenge of unreliable & intermittent internet connection, the atmosphere of joy and generosity pervaded those gathered. Sharing their experience of the past year and recommitting themselves were Mr. Teshome Desta (CME Head of Transport Dept), Mr. Thinky Mabaso (Director of Cabrini Ministries Ethiopia), and Mr. Bongani Khumalo (Interim Manager of St. Mary Catholic Primary Hospital, Dubbo). Mr. Zegaye Zewde (CME Head of Maintenance) and Ms. Senait Sintayehu (CME Head of Finance) were unable to attend the ceremony due to blocked roads related to political instability at the time. However, they also fully committed themselves for another year.

Joining them this year was Ms. Sena Mabaso (Director of the new Baby Jesus Center of Life Program), who is also the wife of Thinky Mabaso.


PhotoS: Top – L to R: Mr. TeShome DeSta, MS. Sena MabaSo, Mr. Thinky MabaSo & Mr. Bongani Khumalo
Teshome Sharing his experience & renewing his Commitment.

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