Proud to be an MSC Novice

On March 6th,  Sr. Lucy Panettieri, MSC was invited to talk to a prayer group that meets every Friday evening at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Denver, CO.  The theme was vocation. Sr. Lucy invited me, Sr. Tigist Loha, MSC novice, to accompany her so that she could introduce me to the group of a little more than 100 people as a novice of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. 

As soon as we arrived some of the children came up and hugged me.  Of course, I noticed that they were my students from Notre Dame Early Learning Center.  It was wonderful to be greeted by someone that I knew since this was a Hispanic gathering and I don’t know a word of Spanish.

I tried to mingle and with a little bit of sign language and English I was able to communicate with some as they gathered to sit and begin the event.  The group that led the prayers had drums, guitars and singers.  They started with the chaplet of Divine Mercy all sung in Spanish.  I could understand a bit.  After they finished the chaplet they invited Sr. Lucy to speak to the group about vocations.  They were all attentive and interested.

At the end of her talk she presented me as a novice of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  How proud I felt to be identified as an MSC novice!  Wow, that was powerful!  After some questions directed at Sister Lucy, the group began to sing and dance praising God.  It reminded me a little of my own country, Ethiopia, where we also sing and dance to praise God.  Sr. Lucy and I danced and sang with them praising the Lord in a festive atmosphere.  I prayed at that moment that the Lord would touch the heart of some the young people that were there listening to Sr. Lucy to follow Him in our Consecrated Life especially as Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

            ~ submitted by Sr. Tigist Loha, MSC Novice and with thanks to Sr. Lucy Panettieri, MSC, Vocation Director 

Thanks to Guadalupe Province Weekly Updates for this article

Photo: Sr. Tigist (lower l.) joins the Sr. Anthony Parish community in prayer and song.

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